Rainbow Connection - Won court case for illegally wired lamp, business fails to pay

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Rainbow Connection at the South Melbourne Market in Victoria gives away FREE--that's right folks- F-R-E-E lamps! big lamps, small lamps, tall lamps short lamps, you name it, it's FREE!!

We just took her to VCAT the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and it was uncovered that she sells faulty products. That's right- she buys used from Indonesia and tries to pass the electrical work off as being up to Australian Electrical Code standard and tries to sell- I'm talking exposed wires, taping parts together and metal bits that just do not fit properly!! What a fire hazard! We had our electrician assess and came to the conclusion that it is illegal for any lamp wired the way they are selling it to be sold in Australia! Talk about breaking the law!!! We got the lamp repaired for $120 which they refused to pay...

BUT: the judge ruled that we get the lamp for FREE and ordered Joan to pay us for the cost of the lamp at $89.00! Why??? Because the way it was wired was illegal!


We are glad that nothing could be settled during mediation because only when you get to hearing does the case become a formal public record, hence why we can write about it here- YAY!!!

So again:the judge ended up making them pay us back for the cost of the lamp -- 89.00!! In other words: we got the lamp for FREE and best thing: it's a public record so now you all know about it!!!!!

Oh yeah, and they STILL HAVE NOT COUGHED UP THE MONEY! So we are taking them to the Magistrate Court now. They were to pay on the day of the Hearing (June 21) but still have not paid (Sept 4). They are BREAKING THE LAW AGAIN!!! Not surprising...They will just get penalzed and have to pay MORE! HMMM, THEY DON'T SEEM TO HAVE BEEN BORN WITH A BRAIN!

They are located at:

Rainbow Connection

Garden Equipment & Supplies - South Melbourne Market York St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

PHONE: (03) 9699 2435

Any questions - give me a shout! I can refer you to the public VCAT case number. Look for us on other consumer sites where this is already posted!

Review about: Misleading Information.

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